Dream City makes the Medina of Tunis, world city, move. The artists of this edition listen closely to and are in an intense dialogue with its citizens, in all of their diversity. They mobilize the hopes, fears, forces and fragilities of a territory and its human beings. Building a city together, in Tunis, in 2017: between young people and citizens of different generations, between artists and audiences, nourished by all kinds of marriages.

Dream City has the ambition to be both adventurous, innovative and also popular. Artistic creations, and the invention by citizens of all sorts of shared urban spaces: these challenges have nothing elitist about them. They concern us all and demand a generous commitment from all of us. The artists of this edition have the great talent of speaking to as many people as possible without making any artistic compromises.

Alive and vibrant, multidisciplinary, out in the city but not exclusively in its public spaces, intensely connected to the Medina and radically open to the world, devoted to the creations of young and committed artists and also integrating the new forms of works by world-reknowned artists, Dream City is a festival that reflects a hybrid and contemporary world in constant evolution.

Dream City unfolds as a long, rich, open and exciting procession that will transform the Medina into a free, temporary platform. Desire, as part of a movement of responsibility involving artists from more than ten countries, is lived and experienced here through community and joy. Democracy, dignity and truth for the society to come: artists have an essential contribution to make to this utopia that challenges us more than ever.

From morning to midnight, between performances, installations, conferences, films and concerts, Dream City 2017 makes visible and celebrates the Medina as a sanctuary of creation, imagination and solidarity. And of a common future.

Jan Goossens
Artistic Director DREAM CITY