Sonia Kallel


Rather than a head cover for men of Andalusian origin, the Chéchia is the product of precise techniques and life histories that are threatened with extinction today. Tafkik which means dismantling, is a personal way of retracing the journey of Chéchia from a different perspective.  This project happens in an art gallery and aims to highlight the poetry and mystery surrounding the making of Chéchia, through various encounters. It equally sheds light on a heritage that is falling victim to oblivion and on the role of men and women who contributed to its development throughout centuries. The aesthetics of the work is based on the idea of transmission and transformation.


Creations / Parcours

Genre : Visual arts
Dates and times : 4th to 8th October from 1pm to 6pm
Duration : -
Place : Palais Kheireddine
©Sonia Kallel
©Sonia Kallel

Sonia Kallel

Born in 1973, Sonia Kallel lives and works in Tunis. Since 2001, she has been exhibiting in Tunisia and abroad. She divides her life between her art practice and the courses she gives at the National School of Architecture and Urbanism of Tunis. She has a diverse academic background: From fashion design at the Higher School of Industries, and Fashion of Toulouse in France, while crossing her way through graphic arts at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts of Tunis, along with a PHD in Plastic Arts at the University of Paris I Panthéon- Sorbonne.
Since 2010, she has developed a quasi-anthropologic work based on some encounters, interviews, exchanges and questionnaires. This need to venture into hidden communities and expose them to different artistic productions, for the sole service of a social cause is essential to the artist.

Her work has been exhibited at the biennials of Venice “The Absence of Paths” (May 2017), the Fabrique d’Espaces Artistiques (May 2017), the Workshops Nomads (Theme: Chéchia) Museum of Quai Branly (November 2016), the International Light Project “Interférence” (September 2016), during the Dream City Tunis “De Fil En Aiguille” (November 2015), Kheïreddine Palace, Tunis “Fil d’Actualités” (Newsfeed) (January 2015), and many more events.



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