Rochdi Belgasmi

Arous Oueslat

Parental advisory : not recommended at least 16 years

From sexuality to dance, there is only one step; and from dance to debauchery, there are only two steps, or three. From the distance from one to the other, the work of Rochdi Belgasmi does not cease to revisit the shaded areas of their common memory. It is through Selim, the son of a prostitute at the end of the XVIIIth century, that Rochdi Belgasmi explores here the virile body of a repressed sexuality. The character of Selim appears on stage, in this hammam, to witness and also to manipulate. These are the laws, his laws, of hospitality. Between the attractiveness of one and the rejection of the other, the performance offers us an invisible mirror reflecting the sociality of the prostituted body and the male fantasy related to it in Arab-Muslim society, in addition to reflecting the body of the city and its erogenous zones and epidemic relations.


Creations / Parcours

Parcours : vert
Genre : Dance
Dates and times : from October 4th to October 8th at 1pm
Duration : 40min
Place : Hammam Tammarine
©Nao Maltese
©Nao Maltese

Rochdi Belgasmi (Tunis)

Originally from Sousse, Rochdi Belgasmi entered the dance world at an early age in dance clubs and schools of the city. After obtaining his baccalaureate degree, he pursued an academic training at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts of Tunis, in parallel with a professional training in contemporary dance.
Since 2006, he has collaborated with several choreographers as a performer and also as a choreographer with many stage directors. In 2010, he met with the big Khira Oubeidallah, with whom he trained on Tunisian popular dancing. Ever since this meeting, Rochdi Belgasmi has been placing these dances at the heart of his contemporary work and created his first solo in 2011 entitled “Trance”, haunted body, a piece of art that toured Europe, the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa.

His following creations include “Zoufri” in 2012, “Wa Idha Aassaytom” (And if you disobey) in 2015, “Ouled Jellaba” in 2016. The last creation sheds light on the image of men of the Tunisian society who want to be modern while leaving the “masculine” side dominating.


Performed by Rochdi Belgasmi, Souheib Oueslati (Texte), Oussama Saidi (Music), Naim Ben Abdallah (Percussion),
Costumes : Raja Najjar
Assistant : Riadh Touti
Documentation and text : Adnen Jdey
Languages : Arabic subtitles in French
Production : L’Art Rue / Dream City
With the support of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs
Technical Partner : SYBEL Light & Sound  / Place provided by l’Institut National du Patrimoine (INP)



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