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In Remote Tunis, a group of 50 people set off into the city wearing headphones. They are guided by a synthetic voice – as we know them from GPS navigators. The encounter with this artificial intelligence leads the group to perform an experiment on themselves. How are joint decisions made? Who do we follow when we are guided by algorhythms?
50 people watch each other, make individual decisions and yet remain always part of a group. While the artificial intelligence observes human behaviour from a distance, the voice step by step sounds more familiar. Along the way, binaural recordings and film scores provide a soundtrack for the urban landscape. The journey through the city feels more and more like a collective film.
Remote X questions artificial intelligence, big data and our predictability. As the project tours from city to city, each new site-specific version builds upon the dramaturgy of the previous city.


Genre : Urban journey/procession
Dates and times : 28th September to 7th October at 10am and 2pm
Duration : 120 min
Place : Départ devant l’ONTT (Office national du tourisme tunisien)
©Nao Maltese
©Nao Maltese

Rimini Protokoll (Berlin)

Stefan Kaegi produces documentary theatre plays, radio shows and works in the urban environment in a diverse variety of collaborative partnerships. He gives voice to ‘experts’ who are not trained actors but have something to tell. Since 2014 he adapts the immersive Audio Walk “Remote X” into such different urban landscapes and contexts as Santiago de Chile, Bangalore, Moscow, Abu Dhabi or New York.
Aljoscha Begrich is working since 2009 with Rimini Protokoll as Stage Designer and Dramaturg. Anton Rose is a director working with Rimini Protokoll since 2015.

Together with Stefan Kaegi they realizes site-specific performances that focuses on blind spots of society and the theatrical moments of everyday urban life. In their work they try to offer the audience unusual perspectives and ways to interact.


Concept, scenario and direction : Stefan Kaegi
Research, scenario and direction Tunis : Aljoscha Begrich, Anton Rose
Sound design : Nikolas Neecke
Sound Design Tunis : Nikolas Neecke, Ilona Marti
Dramaturgy : Juliane Männel, Aljoscha Begrich
Direction of production : Caroline Gentz
Assistant : Taha Balti
Guides : Hayet El Mekki, Montassar Gharbi, Hanen El Ouadani
Translators : Lina Babba, Mohamed Mouria
Transcriptor: Hassen Saadi

“Remote Tunis” is supported by Proheveltia Cairo and by the Goethe Institut Tunis. Place provided by : the Municipality of the City of Tunis, Hospital Habib Thameur, Tunis Center – commercial Centre “Le Palmarium”, Cathedral Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, The Tunisian Association for Deaf and Mute (ATAS)
“Remote X” is a production by Rimini Apparat.
In coproduction with HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin, Maria Matos Teatro Municipal and Goethe-Institut Portugal, Festival Theatre for men Hannover / Braunschweig, Festival d’Avignon, Zürcher Theater Spektakel, Kaserne Basel.
Supported by the Fond Berlin cultural Capital and by the Suisse Counsil for Arts Pro Helvetia and FachausschussTanz and the Cantonal theatre of the city of Bâle. A coproduction of House on Fire with the support of the cultural Programme of the European Union.



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