Nacera Belaza

The Procession

“The challenge of a Procession within the framework of Dream City 2017 resides in the possibility that it offers to invest in a space as intensely “vibrant” as that of Medina. To me, it seems like the perfect opposite of an empty space, which is usually the basic component of my work. In fact, a group of spectators (a singular body) will be taken to circulate inside a sensory journey that will allow them to discover the different spaces, marked by choreographic performances. It will be a way of creating, for the audience, a presence and an atmosphere that will allow them to escape their usual modes of functioning, behaving, perceiving and rhythm. And through their bodily state, it will take them to a highly receptive state of space, sounds, and objects. Thus, their perception will be transformed, and heightened.”

Nacera Belaza


Genre : Dance Urban journey/procession
Dates and times : 4th to 6th October at 8pm and 7th Octobre at 8am
Duration : 120 min
Place : Place de la Victoire (point de départ)
©Philippe Sébirot
©Philippe Sébirot


Nacera Belaza was born in Algeria, and has been residing in France for five years. After her arts studies, she founded her own association in 1989 and went on to be named Knight of the order of Arts and Letters. She is a self-taught dancer, developing a choreography that takes roots in an interior pathway through a receptive and delicate perception of the body, space, and self-void.
Through repetition of gestures, infinite slowness, and stretching of time, her artistic pieces explore movements like we explore a serene breath; deep and rubbing against the “din and hullabaloo of our existence”. Her association takes these artistic pieces to an international level and is invited by festivals such as the Festival of Montpellier Dance, “les Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis” (the international choreographic encounters of Seine- Saint Denis), the Avignon Festival, and the Dance Biennial of Lyon.

From the master-class to the performance in situ, her willingness to share and convey has been reflected on the relation with the audience and their territories. In a continual back and forth motion between the two sides, Nacera Belaza keeps on developing the work of her association that is based in France. She also founded an artistic cooperation in Algeria where she has been in charge, since 2013, of setting up the dance festival called “Le Temps Dansé” (Dancing Time).


Performed by Nacera Belaza, Dalila Belaza, Aurélie Berland
With the choir Voix d’Ange
Director : Christophe Renaud
Assistant : Ahmed Tayaa

With the support of the Embassy of France in Tunisia – Service of cooperation and cultural action Technical Partner : SYBEL Light & Sound
Place provided by the Municipality of the City of Tunis
Acknowledgments : the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development



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