Jozef Wouters

Residency 2017 - Work in progress

During Dream City 2017, the Belgian scenographer Jozef Wouters will present a starting point of the work he will be developing in Tunis in the next two years.
The first step in the project is spending time in the Medina. I will share a small atelier in a building next to a carpenter, a ceramist and a shoemaker. My project starts from that place. I imagine myself sitting in the courtyard, at a self-made desk, setting up a Wi-Fi connection, reading a book. At some point that place will ask me a question. From what I know now I’m guessing it will be something about craftsmanship.
What is craft? Or : What is my craft? Which crafts do we need for the future? But who knows, maybe the question will be about space (usually, when I sit and look around for a while, I find myself thinking about space). Everything else comes after.”
Space is here to stay” – Sun Ra


Parcours : vertjaunerose
Genre : Scenography
Dates and times : 4th to 8th October at 6pm and 8pm
Duration : 50 min.
Place : Dar Tanfous
©Jozef Wouters
©Jozef Wouters

Jozef Wouters (Bruxelles)

Jozef Wouters (1986, B) has been active as a scenographer in the Flemish and Brussels performing arts since 2007. In 2010, he graduated from a.pass (Advanced Performance and Scenography Studies) in Brussels, where he specialized in scenography. Since then he has worked with, amongst others, Meg Stuart, Thomas Bellinck, Benny Claessens, Michiel Vandevelde, Scheld’apen/Het Bos…
Wouters’s own work often relates to a specific location, such as All problems can never be solved (2012) in Laeken (B) and the Zoological Institute for Recently Extinct Species (2013) for the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels. During Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2016 in Brussels he performed his Decoratelier performance, INFINI 1-15.

Jozef Wouters often departs from questions that may, or may not, be predetermined, ideas that gradually take shape inside and outside the boundaries of making; sometimes functional, sometimes committed or absurd, but always with a focus on the things that preoccupy him as an artist and as a person.
Wouters is an independent artist in residence with Damaged Goods, the Brussels-based dance company of American choreographer Meg Stuart. He initiates projects using his Decoratelier in Brussels as a base.


Trainee : Han Buhrs
Assistant : Hichem Saidi

Architects : Zied Gharbi, Hassene Jeljeli, Kamel Balti, Mehdi Mokadmi, Maroua Abidi, Anouer Hajjar, Fida Sassi, Mohamed Salah Ben Ahmed
Production : L’Art Rue / Dream City
With the support of European Union, Damaged Goods
Acknowledgments : Sondos Belhassen, Nabil Tanfous



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