Fakhri el Ghezal

Héni éltéli

« Wherever it is turned, the vision of Fakhri El Ghezal offers its solitudes to more than one image. The video project unfolds from screen to the other, as variations of the same theme : daily events. The videographer decided to roam, day by day and without much thinking, the intimate territories and the fictions. Armed by his mobile phone, he captures, under different durations, what moves, what unfolds and what disintegrates before his eyes.  Between routine and isolation to which its spiral mechanism confines, between death that suddenly invites itself to our daily lives, and the mourning that follows it, some elements from the artist’s life after incarceration are exhibited in repetition. Immersed in a black and white that invokes a present as much as a past and a souvenir, the videographer’s proposition invites the spectator to keep their mind’s eye awake.»

Adnen Jdey


Creations / Parcours

Parcours : vert
Genre : Video
Dates and times : 4th to 8th October from 1pm to 6pm
Duration : -
Place : Asfouria
©droits réservés
©droits réservés

Fakhri el Ghezal (Akouda)

Fakri El Ghezal was born in Akouda, in 1981. Photographer, video director and visual artist, El Ghezal has developed « a photographic work that works on the body of the person who works with the body, a perpetual resonance that continuously travels to and fro between body memory and the body of the image.
Pictures are also evanescent traces on photography’s skin. Faces and images. Bodies and photographs. These are the two obsessive points of focus of Fakhri El Ghezal’s photographic work. From one year to the next, the same dual gestures of fertilisation through wounding. After that, the fertile patience of giving time to the fruit to gradually appear. And then, of harvesting it. Each time the same. Each time different. Coming and going. Faces and Images. Bodies and photographs, Black and White. Political and intimate. Fiction and documentary. Oneself and the other».

The artist’s works have been shown in international meetings and festivals (Rencontres Africaines de la photographie in Bamako, NEW MUSEUM in New-York, Beirut Art Center, Mucem in Marseilles…)
  Ismaël / Traces, le travail photographique de Fakhri El Ghezal (2012/2014)


Montage : Callum Redfern
Sound : Tarek El Wati

Production : L’Art Rue / Dream City
With the support of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs
Technical Partner : SYBEL Light & Sound
Place provided by l’Institut National du Patrimoine



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