Corps citoyen

El Aers - The wedding project

El Aers- The wedding project is a pluridisciplinary artistic research project, aiming at the creation of a new narrative concerning the freedom of circulation outside borders. It’s a marriage between the two sides of the Mediterranean to celebrate a new narrative about travelling and migration.
El Aers project consists of artistic workshops with young people of disadvantaged neighborhoods and regions (Kélibia, Mohamedia, Zarzis) but also with a site-specific performance created during an artistic residency of L’Art Rue.
For Dream City, Corps Citoyen returns to the heart of the Medina of Tunis in the neighborhood that witnessed the birth of its performance and rewrites it in a new spirit. This allows for developing new tools of narration, and restructuring the connection between space, body, movement and visual.
This is done, again, while involving the inhabitants, who open their doors and participate in the performance.


Free nightly happenings

Genre : Dance Theater
Dates and times : 4th to 8th October at 9pm
Duration : 60 min.
Place : Rue Tourbet El Bey (Départ au n° 62 de la rue)
©Corps Citoyen
©Corps Citoyen

Corps Citoyen (Tunis)

Corps Citoyen is a collective pluridisciplinary group of artists based in Tunis. The name “Corps Citoyen” reflects the main objective of this group, which is to activate a citizen reflection in order to achieve social change, through the expressive potential of art and the body in particular. It is at the same time a battle field and a political space for a creative resistance.

Corps Citoyen members are: Rabii Brahim – actor, Saoussen Babba – actress, Aymen Mejri – actor, Alessandro Rivera Magos – Doctoral student in anthropology, Anna Serlenga -stage director, Lilia Ben Romdhane – architect and a slammer, and Francesca Cogni – Visual artist and illustrator .


Performed by Lilia Ben Romdhane, Farouk Mahraja, Ahmed Amdouni, Mehdi Amara, Yesser Chebbi, Ghailen El Agrebi, Hichem Chebli, Youssef Chouibi, Rabii Brahim
Dramaturgy : Lilia Ben Romdhane
Scenography : Francesca Cogni
Costume : Salah Barka
Photography et general coordination : Alessandro Rivera-Magos
Live music : Naim Abdellatif, Moufid Khalil
Soundtrack : Wael Jegham
Associate director : Rabii Brahim
Direction : Anna Serlenga
Acknowledgments : to the inhabitants of the neighbourhood

Production : L’Art Rue
With the support of the Italian Institution of Culture and the Heinrich Böll Stiftung
Technical Partner : SYBEL Light & Sound
The artistic residence of this artist was supported by the DROSOS-foundation as part of the project “”Fabrique artistique d’espaces populaires” (Artistic manufacturing of public spaces).
The collective Corps Citoyen got support from the Roberto Cimetta-foundation / Step Beyond / Ifa /



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