Boyzie Cekwana


Parental advisory : not recommended under 18 years old (certain scenes or words can be shocking to some)

Tilt_frame explores the question of persecuted difference, or forced conformity to a staged hetero-normativity, through the coercive use of violence. It attempts to amplify the whisper of the repressed bodies that scream silently in the broad indifference of everyday madness. It seeks to tilt the rigid frame of an artificial normativity that celebrates the violation of diverse and intersectional sexual identities.


Creations / Parcours

Parcours : jaune
Genre : Performance
Dates and times : from 4th to 8th Octobre at 1pm, 3pm and 5pm.
Duration : 20 min.
Place : Caserne el Attarine
©Nao Maltese
©Nao Maltese

Boyzie Cekwana (Durban)

Even though his artistic livelihood is cut on the touring circuits of the Northern and Western hemispheres, Soweto born, Boyzie chooses to live and work in South Africa.
His artistic gaze is vested in the socio-human, as well as the political realms and his work has graced the repertoire of companies such as the Scottish Dance Theatre and The Washington Ballet. He has performed and presented his work across Africa, Europe and North and South America.
Although principally an autodidact, his formal, tertiary education was realized through the Johannesburg Dance Foundation.
From 1996 – 2017, he was choreographer and Artistic Director of The Floating Outfit Project, which he founded; he is now leading a new structure, ‘randomirekshnz’.

Since 2001, his focus has been on developing a discourse for an environment conducive for collaborative exchange among contemporary dance-makers in the Southern and East African regions.
He has collaborated with as diverse a community of artists as Davis Freeman, Guillaume Bernardi, Faustin Linyekula and Opiyo Okach. From shocking audiences with performances in ornate tulle tutus, bomb strapped corsets – to live chickens and food on stage, being provocative, inventive and thought provoking is engrained in this artist’s constantly deepening, creative DNA.


Performed by the membres of the Damj association

Production : L’Art Rue / Dream City
With the support of Heinrich Böll Stiftung
Technical Partner : SYBEL Light & Sound
Place provided by l’Institut National du Patrimoine (INP)
Assistant : Zeineb Raissi



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