Bader Dridi

Aroug (Roots)

The idea of Aroug was born after a reunion between Bader Dridi and drummer Mohamed Khachnaoui following their studies and experiences that have enriched their curricula, but also after meeting with other musicians who share the same ideas about the status of the Tunisian musical heritage In particular, and the African in general.
Aroug (Roots) appeals to the origins of Tunisian music and its different styles, that are about to vanish. Bader Dridi and his musicians try to find the Tunisian musical identity, which has undergone an undeniable external influence by commercial styles.
This is a concert mainly based on the Afro-Berber musical heritage. For this concept, the group looked at styles such as stambali, aaroubi, sahraoui, rakrouki, etc., but also at the so-called Maghrebian styles such as raï or gnawa, while fine-tuning them to contemporary taste.


Free nightly happenings

Genre : Music
Dates and times : 7th October at 10pm
Duration : 60 min
Place : Place de la Kherba
©droits réservés
©droits réservés

Bader Dridi (Menzel Temime)

A confirmed musician and a composer, Bader Dridi specialized in the interpretation of Western music, pursuing research in this field. Passion and enthusiasm lead this graduate of the Higher Institute of Music of Tunis to explore different musical movements, combining western music with that of North Africa.

His collaboration with celebrated Tunisian and foreign musical groups strengthened the talent of this young prodigy of the 4ème art.
He received the award for best Tunisian musical at the Carthage Music Festival in 2017 with his Aroug project.


Mohamed Khachnawi (drums)
Wassim Benrhouma (Bass)
Wajdi Riahi (Keyboard)
Imed Rezgui (Percussion)
Sahbi Mostapha (Hajhouj)
Jawher Teber (Wtar)
Ahmed Litayem (Nay)
Bader Dridi (Guitar and Vocals)

With the support of the “Culture for All!” Fund of the German Embassy in Tunis
Technical partner: SYBEL Light & Sound



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