Amel Ben Attia

Here and there

“This is a creation of overlapping genres, like a topology of nodes that we lift one by one. The bell of this video/ sound stream, tolls when questioning and reconsidering norms and values: No one can ever claim himself to be the guarantor of social stability, or security. No structure could ever spare us from living the horror often too trivialized by its recurrence, by the media, and by our perception.
A generalized image, “too aestheticized”. Intrigue and mystery follow each other during the participative work of Amel Ben Attia, where she traps the spectator during the experiment, by first putting him face to face with the image, then into the image and beyond Image while pushing him to create a mirror or echo effect.
The artist reminds us that the art work must disturb and provoke, so one can realize that the ultimate urgency is only: the urgency to live!”

Nada Ouederni


Creations / Parcours

Parcours : jaune
Genre : Video
Dates and times : 4th to 8th of October from 1:00pm to 6:00pm. Playing every 15 min.
Duration : 15 min
Place : Makhzen El Rachidia
@droits réservés
@droits réservés

Amel Ben Attia (Tunis)

Amel Ben Attia is a Tunisian visual artist, born in 1980, who pursued her studies in the Higher Institute of Fine Arts of Tunis.
She has developed an artistic multifaceted practice since 2002. Using the means of painting and video, the artist points the finger at the political and religious impact on humans and the connection they have with their environments, kindling our curiosity to help us delve in a world-related reflection.

Amel Ben Attia exhibits regularly in galleries in Tunisia and abroad as well. She also participated in various exhibitions such as the International Contemporary Art Fair FIAC (Algiers), FIAF (New York), in the Palais des Nations (Geneva), and in MAG (Montreux).


Production : L’Art Rue / Dream City
With the exceptional support of the Knauf
Technical Partner : SYBEL Light & Sound
Place provided by Institut National du Patrimoine (INP)



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